Terms of Use

Indication on sales / product conditions

Retail price : The retail price of each item is listed on each product page. Taxes are not included in the indicated prices, and overseas customers are not charged the consumption tax in Japan.
However, please be aware that your country may impose import duties.

Terms of payment : In general, we ask for advance payment

Payment method : PAYPAL : Various credit cards available (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS etc)

Product delivery : In-stock items will be shipped within 5 business days after payment is confirmed. We will also inform you of the tracking number.

How to order : Please make your purchase from our website. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  ※If you cannot order from your computer due to the operating environment, we may also accept orders via e-mail. Orders by phone cannot be accepted.

  • Please note that due to circumstances of the production schedule at the factory, logistics and other various circumstances, it may occasionally require a preparation period of approximately one month.

Cancel Policy

Regarding the items ordered on this site, we will accept cancellation consultation under the following conditions.

  • If there is a cancellation proposal before the shipment of the product and we accept, the cancellation will be established at that point. (In case we have already received the payment of the product, we will ask for the customer to cover the handling fee charged for the refund etc.)
  • Please note that we are not able to receive returned goods on account of the customer after the arrival of the product. (This is not the case for replacements of defected items)
  • For cancellations refunds, please read “Return and refund policy”.

Return and refund policy

Regarding the item you purchased on this site, we will consult about returns and exchanges etc. on the following conditions. Please contact us via email form to the site administrator within 8 days after delivery. In the following cases, please note that return/exchange will not be accepted.

  • When it is not a product purchased at our store
  • In case of returns of customer’s convenience such as the product becoming unnecessary
  • Opened items (excluding initial defective items)
  • When the product delivered and the product returned is different
  • Items with scratches or damages caused by the customer
  • Items that have passed 9 days or more after arrival
  • Returning only a part of what makes up a set
  • An exchange with other items (models)
  • Separately determined items (monitor sales products, etc)
  • Readjusted models

Please note that regardless of the reason, if 8 days have passed since the arrival of the product, we cannot accept returns/exchanges. As for Internet shopping, please note that installment selling law and visiting selling law are not applicable and are not subject to the cooling-off rule.

How to return products

In case that a return of a product is proposed according to the preceding clause, and if your return is approved, the customer will be asked to send the product in concern to the address specified within 10 days of the return proposal. You will be responsible for the shipping fee as well as the consumption tax.

Indication of return conditions

Returning term : 8 days within arrival of product (Since our shop adopts the order receiving method, please note that we cannot respond to returning or exchanging due to an order mistake etc. by a customer)

Returning fee : The customer will be responsible for the return shipping fee. (We will be paying the shipping fee for initial defected items)

In case of initial defected items

Although we take all possible measures for the quality of the product, in case there is an initially defected item (defected item or an item broken during the delivery) we will have to trouble you by asking for you to contact the administrator via mail within our website. We will exchange the item free of charge. (It will only be for the replacement of a product)

About refunds

At our shop, after your return proposal is approved and we have received your item, we would refund in the following procedure. For customers who have paid with credit card (PAYPAL): After confirming the receipt of money from PAYPAL, we will return the money to your PAYPAL account (We cannot return money with bank transfers etc.) For customers who have paid by bank transfer: For customers who have already paid to the Sugiguitars, we will promptly refund to your designated account. When we refund, please understand that the customer will be responsible for the handling fee. For customers who have paid by cash on delivery: After we have checked the return of a product, we will promptly refund to your designated account. When we refund, please understand that the customer is responsible for the handling fee.

Incidental expenses

Shipping fee : We will use the designated shipping company. We will use UPS or Economy Airmail for delivery to overseas. Regular shipping cost will be charged according to destination and weight.

Consumption tax : For customers in Japan, the consumption tax would be added. In case of delivery to overseas, it is tax exemption.

Other expenses : In cases of bank transfers, we ask the customer to pay for the handling fee.

Business days and Holidays

Applications through the Internet (mail) is available all year round. (However shipment and responses would be closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)